Shaken Fork- Premium Quality Manure Forks  Horse stall cleaning efficiency using quality manure forks.  Save time and shavings with reduced physical effort!  Fine-Tine or motorized, no other muck rake feels so good and lasts as long.

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The powered Shake'n Fork looks and feels similar to a conventional stall bedding fork, however, it needs no manual agitation!  It's auto-sifting  "magic" is accomplished by a tiny integral reciprocating motor running on lithium-Ion batteries.  Shake'n Forks power clean through dozens of stalls before needing a recharge, separating the manure from stall bedding as quickly as you can fill the basket.
  "I thought it was kind of gimmicky when I first saw it, but when I used it, I fell in love with it.  I actually search out the Shake'n Fork to use it.  It is my Facebook Saturday Pick" Stacy Westfall  

 The operator holds the fork handle normally and by depressing a variable speed trigger switch, moves the electrically powered basket.  Only the tines “shake” and though they agitate 10 times faster than by hand, there is no vibration into the hand pole, making the operation smooth and effortless for the user.
  "The fork is incredible, much better than my expectations, you are a genius!!!  Thank you..." Betta C.  
  "If I didn't have a Shake'n Fork I would never clean another stall.  I'd put my horses out to pasture before I'd manually sift dirty shavings again." Debbie D.  

The "ULTRA-TOUGH" Flex'n Fork
The Flex'n Fork is specially designed for those who prefer manual sifting, or to clean areas such as dry lots or paddocks'.  It is constructed with the same ultra-tough tines as the Shake'n Fork, virtually assuring that they will wear out before they break.  Incorporating a patented "Flex" feature, user back strain is greatly reduced.  This flexible design, combined with a comfortable hand grip, and unusually light weight makes this an exceptionally easy shavings fork to

Equi-Tee forks are available with a full-size basket in Standard-Tine spacing or 5/16 Mini-Tine (fine-tine) spacing, which is perfect for animals with smaller droppings or for use with pellets, sawdust, cob or rice hull bedding.  Equi-Tee forks are shaped higher on the sides to keep manure from falling off the edges.  They hold more than competitors forks so you have fewer trips to the cart. 

Tired of buying forks that break tines?  Our patented technology makes that a thing of the past. Up to 13 month warranty against tine breakage!

Equi-Tee Shake'n Forks(tm) and Flex'n Forks(tm) give the long life that only a premium quality fork can offer.  Industrial strength, Equi-Tee manure forks with distinctive yellow tines last for years, not days like budget brands.  We offer an industry leading 13 month tine warranty to back it up. Available in standard 5/8" and fine-tine 5/16" width, our forks work better and last longer.  Provide a cleaner, healthier environment for your horse with a manure fork that is built to last. More info at Equi-tee
  "They last frickin' forever!" Glenn Hebert- Horses in the Morning Radio Show  

Careful attention to balance and designed for long product life, the Equi-Tee bedding fork outperforms any other!
  " At first I thought that these forks were some kind of a gag, or just for people with arthritis or back problems.  But now that I have used mine for a while I realize it really is an amazing tool, even for healthy people like myself."  Donna B.  


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Shake'n Forks on the Today Show !
Correspondent Janice Lieberman interviews Joseph Berto.
 Also a video of the Shake'n Rake and Flex'n Forks at work on the BP oil spill on the Gulf.


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